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Finding Your Best Fit Schools

Strategize - Prepare - Thrive


Bright Global provides customized services to help students around the globe applying for their dream independent schools and colleges in the United States. With our guidance and efforts from our students and families, our students have successfully been placed into many elite private schools and colleges since 2015. 


Team BG is a very devoted and professional team, aiming to provide nothing but the best quality of services to our clients. We believe that best results come from great teamwork. Each team consists of BG consultants, teachers, the students and their  families. We also believe in effective communication throughout the entire process. Communication makes everyone aware of strategies, priorities and approaches. As experienced consulting agent, our value also shows where we make complex things into executable action items for the near terms such that a bigger mission is accomplished in the end. A systematic approach is key to many of our successes.  

  • Schools Choices Consultation

  • Extracurricular Activity Planning 

  • Summer Planning 

  • Essay Assistances

  • Interview Preparation

  • School Visiting

  • Standard Tests Prep 

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